Things you must know

Things you must know

When driving in Tanzania...

  • Driving is on the left
  • Most roads outside the city have no lighting, same goes for other vehicles
  • Use landmarks to find your way since road signs are often faulty or not there at all
  • Cities often get jammed by traffic, especially during rush hours
  • When driving through rural areas you always need a good 4x4 car
  • Please keep your distance from lorries, daladalas and tankers since their cargo may not be secured properly
  • Please drive carefully and watchfully when driving at night
  • Approaching vehicles often have flashing headlights, flashing signal lights, flashing emergency lights or all three. Stay calm. The right hand signal can mean: the car will turn right in front of you / it will swing right to avoid danger / it is unsafe for you to pass on the right. Assume all three. The left hand signal means that it is safe to pass, but never be too sure.
  • Motorcycle drivers can be a bit rough on the road, so keep your eye on those
  • There are speed bumps on each road so watch out, there may be no warning signs
  • Signs of on-going construction work may not be as clear
  • Always park on an authorized parking spot
  • Always lock your car and have your windows up/closed
  • Make sure your car is always equipped with a spare tire, wheel spanners and triangle
  • Drive your way in Tanzania: adventurous and safe!

Rent a reliable economy car

Please don't...

  • Stop unless signed by (traffic) police or when there is no clear reason why to stop
  • Leave any belongings inside the car, not at any time
  • Take a picture of a person unless you have asked for their permission