Founded in the 18th century, Bagamoyo remains the oldest town in the whole of Tanzania with a story that have failed many to conceal their emotions. Bagamoyo is a place of two faces and it will remain like that for as long as the universe stands.

The name Bagamoyo came from a Swahili word Bwagamoyo, in Swahili bwaga is to drop and moyo is a heart. Bagamoyo is a place where hearts of many by then sank or dropped for different reasons. As an important slave and ivory trade center in Tanzania, many slaves found themselves in Bagamoyo. Slaves carried Ivory from different places of Tanzania to Bagamoyo for shipping and upon reaching this place, slaves turned to an important commodity as well because they were sold to different people. Slaves taken from places where Ivory was not found were lucky because they did not have to go through the agony of carrying heavy ivories while chained, walking long distances with insufficient food and water.
Upon reaching Bagamoyo weak slaves lost their lives as they waited to be shipped, some were killed trying to escape. A good number of people who refused to accept or obey the German colonial rules were also hanged to death under a tree named Mti kunyonga (Swahili word that simply means a hanging tree) Today this tree is not there but a statue has been built to explain about the hanging tree.
Bagamoyo is a very unique place to visit and be as it blends history and beauty and truly sticks in the brain and lives in the heart. Beautiful sandy beaches in this small old town, of about 30,000 inhabitants provide a perfect hide out for relaxation and enjoyment and the past and present come together in harmony and love
Did u know that while in Bagamoyo besides touring the place and relaxing you can as well opt for Island hopping, scuba diving, and snorking?

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