Terms and Conditions
23 Jun 2017


The Rental Agreement is made between X Car Rentals (Owner) and the client (Hirer) whereas:

  • The Owner is carrying out the business of car rentals.
  • The Owner has the ability to rent out motor vehicles of various models to its customers on a charge agreeable to both parties.
  • The Hirer is desirous of renting one motor vehicle from the Owner subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.


  • The Owner will be responsible for affecting comprehensive insurance cover (applicable insurance terms & conditions apply), registration, repair and maintenance including fitting of new tires and batteries every two years and when the need arises and providing a driver and replacement when necessary.
  • This agreement will not cover liability for any loss of personal property carried or left in the car. The owner will not undertake any consequential liabilities or damages to the hirer other that what is applicable through insurance policy of the vehicle.

Rates & Payment Terms

  • The rental charges for the hire of the motor vehicle or its replacement will be paid in advance at the rate agreed upon signing of this contract.
  • Number of days involved in the total price is subject to day of hire and day of return of the vehicle
  • Should costs outside the owners control increase substantially to affect the price, the Owner will inform the Hirer in advance before adopting the new price.
  • For long term contracts, all unpaid invoices will attract 10% interest charge per month.
  • Hirer is obligated to pay a refundable deposit of USD 200 upon arrival.
  • First 100 KM free per day
  • Excess mileage charges: USD 0,50/km
  • Chauffeur driven rates charge from 7.30 am – 6.00 pm
  • Additional chauffeur charges USD 25 from 6.30 pm – midnight. After midnight USD 20 per hour.
  • For chauffeur drive Hirer can choose to pay 50% before pick up and 50% after fulfilling the contract.
  • Hirer for self drive is obligated to pay the whole contract amount before pick up / commencing contract.
  • Hirer for self drive is obligated to bring passport, driver’s licence and a refundable deposit of USD 200 upon arrival.
  • All payments should be in favor of Interactive Tours & Travel LTD

Online reservation

  • Online reservations can only be made through the website www.xcarrentals.com by following and completing all three steps: pick your car type, choose date and place, leave your information.
  • The minimal rental period is 3 days
  • All prices mentioned on the website are temporarily and indicative
  • Both parties (Owner and Hirer) will agree on a final price after confirmation of the reservation is been sent by e-mail.
  • Hirer is free to cancel the reservation at any time until both parties agreed on the final price either by telephone, Skype, e-mail or meeting.
  • X Car Rentals will not use contact information for purposes other than to provide a professional, personal and best quality car rental service.

Delivery & Purpose of Hire

  • The Owner will ensure before handing over possession and control of the motor vehicle to the Hirer that the same is in a fit and roadworthy condition for the intended use. Damages to the vehicle or loss of vehicle accessories will be done at the end of hire period, costs of which will be paid in full by the hirer.
  • The Hirer will have the right to use the motor vehicle for lawful daily operations or activities including during weekends, public holidays and at night subject to observing necessary safety and security precautions for the motor vehicle (and the driver).

Repairs & Maintenance

  • After every 3000 km the Hirer will return the motor vehicle to the Owner who will carry out, within the shortest time possible, maintenance and service of the motor vehicle for purposes of roadworthiness.
  • Any damage or loss occurring to the motor vehicle on account of non-compliance with the maintenance/service schedule or other cause attributable to negligence, recklessness, misuse, etc., not subject to insurance cover will be borne and made good by the Hirer.

Pick up & drop off service

  • Owner offers Hirer the service of pick ups & drops off to and from different locations in and around Dar es Salaam. Costs are variable and will be agreed upon during contact by Owner and Hirer after reservation and before finalizing the car rental contract.
  • Hirer is always free to arrange own pick up & drop off when this is not yet arranged in the contract.
  • Hirer can change the location of pick up and drop off but no later than 24 hours before pick up/drop off date only by personal contact with an X Car Rental agent either through telephone, Skype, e-mail or meeting. Owner will then offer a new price on which both parties need to agree before executing the service. When parties cannot come to an agreement, the service is executed as stated in the contract
  • Hirer can cancel the pick up and/or drop off service no later than 24 hours before pick up/drop off date only by personal contact with an X Car Rentals Drive agent either through telephone, Skype, e-mail or meeting.
  • Owner can cancel pick up and drop off service no later than 24 hours before arranged pick up / drop off date by informing Hirer by e-mail, Skype or telephone
  • If Owner can not guarantee a safe pick up / drop off drive due to bad weather conditions or otherwise, Owner can cancel the service at any time by informing Hirer by e-mail, Skype or telephone.
  • If Owner or Hirer cancelled the pick up / drop iff service the costs will be refunded 30 days after fulfilling the contract.

Amending the Agreement

  • This Agreement can be terminated by giving a notice in writing by either Party to the other.
  • Failure to give such notice (under above) will entitle payment by the defaulting party of damages of rental as liquidated damages.
  • Any variation of the rental Agreement will be in writing and signed by the parties. All telephone conversations affecting the hirer of the motorcar will be confirmed in writing or by an e-mail.

Governing Laws

The rental Agreement will be subject to and governed by Tanzanian laws.