What could possibly be more romantic than a safari in Tanzania?

It conjures up the classic, magical love story. With miles of expansive natural beauty, the most incredibly colorful sunrises and sunsets followed by moonlit skies with glittering stars and being at one with nature in luxurious safari accommodation.

That’s why newly married couples all over the world flock to Tanzania, to experience the enchantment and wonder of a honeymoon safari. Whether you choose to enjoy your first holiday together as a married couple on safari or you’d rather combine it with a tranquil beach location, Tanzania has everything you could wish for. Luxury lodges await you, stunning safari locations, thrilling animals and of course, the superb, diverse landscape of Tanzania.

Honeymoon Safaris  are designed to suit something unique and breathtaking for the couples involved, to include luxurious private dining, picnics in the middle of safari locations and other many packages that  include the ultimate romantic and exclusive moments.

Get spoiled and relax with a honeymoon Safari in Tanzania



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