Mikumi National Park

Situated in the Mkata plains, dominated by hills and mountains, this small park (in relation to some of Tanzania’s many other parks) is set in Southern Tanzania. Allowing a glimpse of an unspoilt Africa of centuries ago the park’s wilderness stretches almost to the shores of the Indian Ocean. The main feature of the park is the Mikumi flood plain, mountain ranges (that border two sides of the park) as well as the miombo woodland (a favorite haunt of lion, which cover the lower hills). Rains swell the bird population to over 300 species of European migrants alone and the park abounds with huge hippo, large herds of buffalo, elephant, most other plains game and the rare wild dog (seldom seen elsewhere).
Did you know that Mikumi is that close to Dar es Salaam, a perfect place to visit over the week end and have just as much fun..
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