Get Lost With XCAR Rent a car

  • Daily Car Hire

At XCAR Rent a Car , we have mastered the art of renting cars on a daily basis.Our cars come in different groups that will enable you to comfortably rent for City or Safari Drive.

  • Short term Hire

Are you in Dar es Salaam, or looking to explore beyond Dar es Salaam for a specific period of time? We can help you find some great adventures in and around Dar es Salaam for your period of stay. Feel free to choose your favorite ride from our fleet and book your ride now. If you require something more customized please contact our wonderful team through

Reserve a Long-Term Car Rental in Dar es Salaam City

Enjoy your time in one of Tanzania’s most iconic travel destinations — Dar es Salaam. People from all around the world flock to the commercial capital throughout the year. As an East African business hub and your favorite layover spot, Dar es Salaam plays host to many long-term visitors each year.

At XCAR, we offer long-term rentals to accommodate travelers who plan to stay in the area for a while. As a part of this service, we offer significant savings, top-quality vehicles, and the option to swap your car whenever you’d like to set an appointment. All of this is available without a restrictive, long-term contract

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