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Welcome to XCAR Travel Tanzania, a world class luxury safari Tour 0perator and providing a wide variety of options for travel in Africa. Our goal is to actively promote conservation and environmental education concepts to our guests, whether they are with us for an hour or a week.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of our exotic neighbors and promoting understanding through in-person contact. That’s why we offer safaris year-round. If your only experience with a zebra or giraffe has been at a zoo, you should see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

Since its founding, XCAR Travel has grown from a small safari based operation, serving several hundred visitors to a premier safari and travel experience in Tanzania. XCAR continual growth and evolution has been carefully steered in the past two decades. In addition to the safari travel experience, guests have an opportunity to experience Tanzania Culture.

All of our luxury safaris are expertly guided and we guarantee that even the most knowledgeable among you will learn a thing or two along the way. Days are spent witnessing the wonders of the wild together, an educational and deeply bonding experience which is as rewarding for the young as for the old. Safaris in Tanzania make for stunning personal and private honeymoons, as well as the most treasured family holidays.

For many people, a safari should include some nights under canvas, and this can be interpreted and arranged in a myriad of different ways. In Tanzania, you can take a private, mobile camping safari – as rustic or as luxurious as you would like – or you may prefer the benefits of a semi-permanent camp, which is set up each season according to the movement of animals across the plains.

A safari and all inclusive beach holiday is the perfect combination and will offer you fun, great wildlife, unforgettable experiences and relaxation. While staying at some of the best classic Safari Lodges, you will see the beauty of tree climbing lions in the Paradise Island of Zanzibar.

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